Herd Sires

Woest-Hoeve SR Ace head copy
Woest-Hoeve SR Ace left
Woest-Hoeve SR Ace rightextra
Woest-Hoeve SR Ace rear extra
Woest-Hoeve SR Ace front
Woest-Hoeve SR Ace Yearling
*B GCH Woest-Hoeve SR Ace
02-07 87 V+V

We are excited to bring strong Iron-Owl and Kastdemur's lines to our group in this gorgeous moonspotted boy. He is very long boned and dairy, has a high escutcheon and huge breed character. Ace stands solid on some of the best pasterns and feet in our herd and has a long, upright neck set that her heartily passes on to his get. Ace finished his Championship easily during his 3yo year.

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SR Ace
*B SilverFire Toby Keith

Freesia again gave us a hearty young buck in 2019 that quickly outgrew his penmates and brings that open, strongly framed style we love so much. Where his older half-sibling, Wylie, is upstanding and strong on his feet and legs, this guy trends more into the phenomenal dairy character side and pulls from amazingly attached udders with tremendous height while still bringing the width in the hind end and topline. Look for his first kid crop on the ground late this season!

Toby Keith
SilverFire Ray Wylie left
SilverFire Ray Wylie
SilverFire Ray Wylie front
SilverFire Ray Wylie

Wylie is the final chapter in our dear Kastaway’s line before his sale. This wide built little December buckling has some big shoes to fill following his sire. He carries the same massive strength and body capacity of Kastaway with added breed character and openness from his dam, Freesia. Wylie excels in width between his hocks and thurls and carries himself very upright and straight. Wylie’s feet and legs are model perfect and he loves to show us so by rolling vigorously like a dog with them all up in the air.

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Ray Wylie
DKGH Eve's Most Wanted Everson
DKGH Eve's Most Wanted Everson
DKGH Eve’s Most Wanted Everson

Everson is handsome powerful buck here at SilverFire. Powerhouse udders and production behind this buck make him invaluable in any herd, strong Kastdemurs and Greenhaven genetics abound in this young boy and we look forward to seeing what he can do. Everson has secured his first Unrestricted leg as a 2yo in Louisiana.

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Young Guns

*B Woest-Hoeve MC Maddox

This long, tall, handsome drink of water hails from several National Champion lines. We are thrilled to welcome Maddox to our herd and see if he brings what we hope to the table. We love the tremendous dairy strength and correct feet and legs this young buck brings. He has gobs of breed character and openness throughout. At his show debut he stood right beside the big boys as Reserve Champion even as a jr buck!

SilverFire DAC
SilverFire DAC

This handsome young buck showed up from a repeat breeding out of our cherished SilverFire Hurry Up’N Wait 2*M by SilverFire Jackson T. His littermate, SilverFire Out in the Storm, earned her restricted leg in her first ring out at a young 4 months old. His sire went BIS buck as a 2yo against some stiff competition from older bucks and his dam has had highly successful show career with many first in class wins as a yearling milker in 2019 with a well attached, capacious udder and long level lactations. Dac sports the fantastic front end assembly we've come to love in these lines, exceptional escutcheon height, and wonderful leg angularity and strength of feet and legs. We look forward to his progeny in the SilverFire herd.


Frozen Assets

+*B CH Hoanbu PB Let Me Lead
03-02 90 EEV
06-06 89 VEV

Leader has an amazingly high, open escutcheon and is very sharp at the withers. He is tall, long, and angular, particularly in his hind legs. Flat boned and regally high headed he truly makes a great picture to look at. Leader is just a really well bred and put together animal all around. At the 2017 CTDGA Buck Bonanza earned his first show leg as Nubian Champion and placed Nubian Reserve Champion in two more rings. In 2018, he made his second debut at the Albuquerque Quad show, placing AOP Champion, AOP Reserve Champion, and AOP Champion and Best of Show to finish his legs and was pulled from the final ring.

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Let Me Lead
+*B GCH Hoanbu Priceless Possession
06-05 89 VEE     
01-01 82 +V+

Another stunning buck from the Hoanbu herd, Price brings length of frame and a very wide, flat topline to the game. Price has beautiful angularity and breed character, great depth, and strong pasterns. Spring of ribs and width and sharpness in his front end are also there in spades. We have several freshened Price daughters and are seeing strong production numbers as well as fantastic improvement in mammary attachment over their dams. He adds blending to many does and brings style to his daughters. Price finished his Championship with all 3 legs Best in Show wins.

Semen Available.    Alpha s1 Casein B/N

Priceless Possession
SilverFire Jackson T
Jackson is a buck that we are very excited about. His dam has a very correct udder with a strong medial and great attachment. Jackson has a level topline and flat rump, fantastic angularity and breed character. We just can’t say enough about the guy. On top of all that he sports a colorful coat of black and white moonspots and white splashes.
Alpha s1 Casein A/A
Jackson T