Senior Does

Goldthwaite Sandia 9*M
05-04 89 VEEV
02-02 83 +A+
01-05 81 +A+

We are very excited to bring this lovely Kastdemur’s Most Wanted granddaughter to our herd. Sandia is everything we hope to breed. She has exquisite class to her.  A beautiful long body with tabletop topline blends into a sharp, clean front end that is christened by a gorgeous Nubian head. True to her lineage, she has a wonderfully soft, easy milking udder and teats. Sandia also has a determined will to milk and one of the sweetest dispositions in the herd. We look forward to more showing and DHIR with her in the years to come.

Alpha s1 Casein A/B

Goldthwaite Sandia
SG Lost Moose Farm Orchid 1*M

04-06 92 EEEE

02-01 88 VEVV

This doe has been one of our favorites from the day we brought her home. As a first freshener Orchid appraised but one point low of all she was allowed. As a second freshener we were thrilled with her easy milking and ever increasing capacity in all areas. As a third freshener she wowed us with a long steady lactation. As a fourth freshener we thought surely we’d seen it all, but Orchid has other plans! Orchid has dominated every show ring she has entered in 2018 since freshening, including her recent Grand Nubian Champion and Champion Challenge winner at the West Texas Fair over not one, but FOUR champion challengers. Orchid is the entire package and will be a foundation dam to one of our strongest and most stylish lineages. 

Alpha s1 Casein A/B

SGCH CaprinoRoyale Freesia 1*M
03-05 90 EVEE

Freesia came to us a dry yearling, so freshened later than our young girls. She was well worth the wait! A beautifully shaped udder with long, easy milking teats taper off with a flush fore udder to die for.  She also sports what may be the highest escutcheon in the herd. A coat of black and white moonspots, huge pendulous ears and a true Nubian nose, dress up what would’ve been a spectacular body without them. Freesia has well earned her spot in the favorites gallery of the SilverFire herd.

Alpha s1 Casein B/N

SR Ranch Lyin' 1*M
02-05 89 EEEV

Lyin’ carries our previous herd name before we settled on SilverFire. Lyin’ boasts a body to die for and was the first to prove to us that first fresheners can milk just as well as the big girls. She is by our fantastic herd sire, Kastaway, and seems to have inherited his great body capacity, uplifted front end and calm demeanor. From her dam, she brought her udder capacity, head profile, as well as her fantastic ears. Lyin’ will be a staple in the SilverFire lineup for years to come.

Alpha s1 Casein A/N

Triple T-R Amira 1*M
02-06 86 V+EV

Amira has tremendous strength of frame and body capacity, extremely correct structure throughout, and a gentle demeanor. We had the pleasure of showing against her grandsire, Pruitteville’s Apollo, before his passing and what a sight he was! Amira has certainly retained many of his impressive traits through the generations and proven she has a work ethic as good as any, holding a steady 310 day lactation her first freshening and appraising 10 months in milk. Amira was 6th place Intermediate Kid at 2016 ADGA Nationals.

SilverFire Midnight Montgomery 1*M
01-07 86 VV+V

Sporting a flashy black and white coat, Midnight is certainly one of our eye catching girls. But in addition she also has tremendous natural openness and is nicely uphill and naturally level. We were very thrilled with midnights tidy teats and extremely luxurious udder texture. We look forward to her next freshening.

Alpha s1 Casein A/B
Midnight Montgomery
SilverFire Whip-O-Whil 1*M
01-08 86VV+V

Whip is a long doeling with some really angular characteristics to her. Her neck set is as spectacular as her dams and her legs are truly beautiful. She is graceful as a swan and sweet as a button. Whip has carried on her dam’s style and type well and freshened with a very clean, capacious udder. She handily won her classes as a yearling milker at the 2018 Decatur DoeDown.

Alpha s1 Casein A/B
SG SilverFire Rainy Night 2*M
01-04 86 +V+V 

Rainy began a little behind our other girls, but her growthyness has caught her up tremendously! She is our highest producing first freshener, as her dam was as well in her group, pumping out an amazing 9.8 lbs at 5 months into her first lactation as a yearling milker. Rainy has won every class ring she stepped in after freshening, but as a yearling hasn’t beaten the big girls….yet. The capacity to her udder, huge orifices, and her beautiful angularity make her pleasing to watch and milk.

Alpha s1 Casein A/N
Rainy Night
TLC-Farms MC Dominika 

A very flashy tuxedo makes this doe look like she swearing a long formal dress and fancy shoes with her length and strong feet and legs. She oozes dairy character and angularity. We are excited to welcome her to the herd and see what she can do!

SilverFire Hurry Up’N Wait 

Patience has been one of our favorite doelings since she was born. She has a beautiful front end assembly and spectacular dairy and breed character, a wide open escutcheon, and fantastic body capacity. She secured her restricted leg her first show out, standing right beside her dam as Best in Show Junior and Senior.  She then went on the following season as a sr yearling to win almost every class she showed in. We are excited to see the growth in this young doe and watch her mature more.

Hurry Up’N Wait
SilverFire One Lone Star 

Star is turning into quite a looker this fall, growing into her wide hips and long legs and putting on the body capacity we expected from her dams lineage. She has the same open ribbing and hocks her sire has and passes on to his get. Her udder has come in very well attached and productive, with large orifices and soft texture.

One Lone Star
SilverFire Big City Talkin 

City Girl is by our powerhouse milk line, and blended into one of our sharpest, most correct herdsires. She is flat from thurl to thurl and strong in her legs and brisket. All lending to a large capacious udder like her dam that has proven the will to milk has strongly passed down!

Big City Talkin
SilverFire Social Graces 

Joy was a leased doe for the 2018 season and milked her way into our hearts. We are thrilled to retain one of her triplets in Gracie, a long, flashy, correct built doeling that shows us all the attributes we loved in her dam. Her sire hails names such as Iron-Owl Bluebeard, Kastdemur’s LH Full Service, and Kastdemur’s Time in a Bottle to bring to her already spectacular looks. Gracie has the most delightful udder texture of our whole first fresheners last season and a gorgeous foreudder and rear shelf. 

Social Graces
SilverFire Gypsy 

Gypsy has been left high and dry by flashier herdmates but is finally coming into her own, putting on depth and length into her large frame. She freshened with a beautifully shaped udder with gobs of capacity, but alas, two weeks into her first lactation was bee stung high on her udder and subsequently dried off to recuperate. Safe to say we did not get any pictures of much use to show her well. We look forward to a second lactation on this doe to showcase the beauty we saw at such a young age.

2D Delao Roll Like Chicklets 

Chicklet is a daughter of our spectacular sire, +*B GCH Hoanbu Priceless Possession, and a powerhouse EX91 SG doe, Arch*Acres Sky 1*M. We purchased her shortly before Price and loved her mammary so much we decided we needed more and purchased her sire too! Chicklet’s first freshening was spectacular but short as a yearling milker, overachieving her body’s capability to eat amazingly quickly. Despite that we saw a strongly attached, smooth udder with tremendous will to milk. We are extremely excited to have her in freshen again as a more mature doe that has grown into her beautiful strength of frame.


First Fresheners

TLC-Farms MTA Zenobia 

Zeni was a gift from a very wonderful breeder, Miss Lawson, and we are thrilled to have this daughter of a doe we have greatly admired in her herd, Zarelda James, crossed on some of our favorite Wingwood lines. Zeni is a powerful 2yo ready to take on lactation with her first freshening in January.

SilverFire Windy Mornin

Windy is the twin to Hellion above, again from our strongest dam line through Orchid. Whereas Hellion has the length and strength, Windy has the class and strong Nubian style from her granddam. Wendy will be an extremely dairy doe, with not a flaw on her. We are excited to see these twins grow and blossom.

Windy Mornin
SilverFire Glass of Champagne 

When you think of solid toplines, open thurls, and perfectly straight legs you should think of Champagne and her sister. Their dam has a stunning topline and she solidly passed it on to her first offspring. Champagne is a tad more open in her hocks and ribbing. We hope to see her mature as nicely as she appears now.

Alpha S1 Casein A/B or B/B
Glass of Champagne
SilverFire Black Tie Affair 

Tie has been a family favorite since the day she hit the ground. She is level, sharp, and spot on correct everywhere with a flashy coat to top it off. One of the cutest babies we’ve had yet, she dominated at her first show at 3 months old! She easily won all her classes and brought home a Reserve Junior Champion rosette.

Alpha S1 Casein A/B or B/B

Black Tie Affair
SilverFire Mem’ry Calling 

Mem’ry will be one of biggest doelings next season we expect. She is extremely balanced and angular. Long, tall, and dairy would aptly describe Mem’ry. Her dam and sire both Appraised with a final score of 90. Mem’ry debuted at the West TX Fair and Rodeo and won both her classes but was show up by her significantly older herdmates. We expect as she grows her turn will come as well!

Mem’ry Calling
SilverFire Last One to Show

Showtime is another wonderful doeling from our Orchid line, crossed on our herdsire related to three of the four last national champions. Showtime is slick as can be and gorgeous from nose to tail. She is open, long, smooth, and dairy. She has tremendous body capacity for such a young doe and as stylish as her sisters and dam.

Alpha S1 Casein A/B or B/B
Last One to Show
SilverFire Drifter 

Drifter’s dam may be only a yearling, but no one told her she couldn’t milk like the big girls too. When we crossed her onto our fast growing, wide bodied line of bucks we expected some nice results, but not the extreme openness and strong conformation that Drifter has. We hope Drifter carries on the milkyness of both lines and the strength and depth of her sire. 

Alpha S1 Casein A/A or A/N
SilverFire Cheyenne 

Cheyenne is a long bodied, correct doe with gorgeous character about her. Her dam, Sandia, put gobs of style into this little doe and pulled all the width and strength we love from her sire, Ace. We hope for tremendous capacity and strong medial in her at freshening.

Alpha Casein A/B or B/B

SilverFire Challenge Me

Challenge was a much anticipated, final kidding in our herd from her dam, Perfect Bella. She makes the third daughter retained from Bella and what a way to go! Priceless Possession has proven that he crosses strongly on this maternal line and did not disappoint us in this beauty. We expect the same powerhouse udder and production numbers her ¾ siblings have had.

SilverFire Moonlight and Lace 

Lace has take on the super sweet demeanor of her dam, along with her tremendous length of frame and body capacity. She sports a gorgeous head and neck over superbly open and correct rear leg set. We see her developing on to a great doe with open ribbing and a body to die for.


Reference Does

2D Deleo Perfect Bella 1*M
06-05 91 EEEE
04-01 87 VVVV

Bella is our powerhouse milker. The day she was born they convinced her she was a jersey cow instead of a goat. Along with producing fantastic kids, Bella strives to fill our milk pail morning and night by herself, and quiet often succeeds! She is strongly dairy and has a flat, wide rump. Her neck set and brisket give her an air of authority about her and she makes sure she earns her place in the milk barn lineup, right at the front!

TNFarms KK Bana Breeze

Breezy is a long bodied, dairy type girl. Her lineage hails to names such as Wingwood, Hoanbu, Kastdemur’s, Lakeshore, Woest-Hoeve, and M’s Sagebrush. With a lineup like that who can resist her! Breezy has a beautiful, wide rump over a very high open escutcheon, wide hocks, and a very long, dainty neck. She is very tight and correct through her shoulders and has solid feet and pasterns. We hope to see her mature as a very large doe with much depth and character. Breezy took Reserve Nubian Junior Champion in both rings at the West TX Fair and Rodeo at the only show we’ve managed to take her to!

Alpha s1 Casein A/N
SG Zenubi*Creek MT Liberty Image 7*M
03-06 89 VEEE

Liberty is one tall beauty! This doe has absolutely spectacular feet and legs, a high, stacked escutcheon, very sharp upright withers, a neck set to die for and the most beautiful head and ears. She is a granddaughter of the stunning J&R Spirit’s Dakota Playboy and brings solid Kastdemur’s and Wingwood breeding down her topside. Liberty’s first freshening udder was very capacious and high. We hope to have many great things to compliment in her next freshening.

Alpha s1 Casein B/N
Liberty Image
TLC-Farms SC Cachet

Cachet joined the herd already a more aged doe. Unfortunately she soon came down with a heavy bout of mastitis and has serious tissue damage in her beautiful udder. So the mediocre pictures is all we will ever be able to obtain. We did see very plumb teats and great production from her before she lost her udder, as well as a wide, full rear udder with great height and a decent forudder. Cachet is very naturally level and wide throughout her entire frame, with rock solid legs and great capacity to her. Very feminine and dairy she has wonderful breed character and a great personality.

Alpha s1 Casein B/B
Blissberry L Eternity 7*M
02-02 85 V+E+ 

Eternity made the long treck to Texas from the renowned Blissberry herd and has made herself right at home while settling in. Another granddaughter of the famous Kastdemur’s Most Wanted, she also boasts Kastdemur’s MPR Liaison as her sire and Kastdemur’s Temerity as her granddam.  With that lineup it is no wonder we see tremendous body capacity, length of frame, and dairy character in this young, powerful doe. We are excited to have her freshen for her second time in the SilverFire herd.

Alpha s1 Casein A/B

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