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Reservation Policy


Kid is to be withheld at birth for pickup within two weeks or agreed upon time frame for a deposit of $150 for doeling or $100 for buckling payable through check, cash, or PayPal email at by friends and family. If kids are left longer than 14 days after notification of birth they will be boarded at $5/day cost to Buyer or offered back available and deposit forfeited. Deposit will be taken off the remaining balance of kid which is due upon notification of birth and before animal leaves the property. Seller is to inform buyer within 24 hrs of birth of the fulfillment of their reservation, examine kid for any disqualifying defects from registry in ADGA, supply Buyer with pictures of kid, and care for kid until pickup. Seller will also furnish a signed and completed Registration Application for ADGA or do an online registration and transfer to buyer at buyers expense upon pickup. Transportation arrangements are required of the Buyer to arrange and keep Seller informed. Seller will arrange  $40 CVI at Buyers expense and request. 


In the case of no kid being produced of proper sex from reserved breeding monies paid are transferable in full to next seasons breedings, other open reservations for this season, or another available animal or goods from SilverFire Ranch. Deposits are NOT refundable and colors cannot be guaranteed. Refusal of reservation born will be forfeiture of deposit and no other kid will be offered. Contracts for reservations paid are available upon request.

Updated April 12, 2022