Junior Does

SilverFire Wicked Ways

Wicked is a much-anticipated doeling by two of the strongest udders ever in our herd, her dam being SG CaprinoRoyale Freesia 1*M, and her granddam SG Arch*Acres Sky 1*M bred to *B CH Hoanbu PB Let me Lead. Her twin, Toby, is working his magic as our most recently retained junior buck. 

Wicked Ways
SilverFire Here in the Dark

Darkness hails from one of our long, lengthy lactation does, Amira, by our beloved Jackson T, who is proving to bring all his character and openness we love to his doelings in spades. Strength and dairyness are what come to mind when looking at this young doe.

Here in the Dark
SilverFire Im on a Roll

Yes, we accidentally named our newest twin doelings “Paint” and “Roller”. Whoops. But at least they will be hard to beat in the show ring with their tremendous length of frame and solid feet and legs.  Their dam, Blissberry Eternity 7*M, had tremendous capacity and texture to her udder. A heavy linebreeding to Kastdemurs Full Service, we have high hopes for this pair.

Alpha S1 Casein A/B or B/B
Im on a Roll
SilverFire Chase the Lightning 

Lightning is the next step in the breeding plan of Priceless Possession onto our Delao dams. Ace put some fantastic rump width and a solid, level topline into this little doe. She is the best of both worlds in our eyes.

SilverFire Salt and Lime 
Coming from one of our strongest production lines is one big mountain to live up to, but we believe Lime has the heft to pull it. The depth and spring this doe is showing at a young age is exciting, as well as her stunning breed character and gorgeous escutcheon. 
Salt and Lime
SilverFire Hush the Crowd 

The third daughter from our dear Midnight and we are not disappointed! While both older “sisters” have earned their restricted legs, little Hush had a very promising show career in 2019, winning many of her classes with her rock solid topline and legs. She will be a handful with some age!

Hush the Crowd
SilverFire Rocket

This little red pistol sure knows shes quite a rocket. Our first daughter out of Star, her sire passed on his amazing body width and open legset, and her dam gave her miles of dairy character. Quite a looker.


SilverFire Lockd in the Pocket 

Anyone in our showrings this fall remembers little “Honery” girl. While much too young to know much we do know she has caught ALLLLL of our eyes with that topline and structure, including the judges. She will certainly be one to watch next season and we will repeat this breeding for sure!

Lockd in the Pocket

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