2019 Show Wins

SF Black Tie Affair finally secured her Restricted leg as Grand Champion Jr in Corsicana, TX

SF Rainy Night 1*M went Reserve Grand Sr in Weatherford, TX

SG CaprinoRoyale Freesia 1*M secured a Restricted leg going Reserve Grand Sr in Decatur, TX

SF Rainy Night secured an Unrestricted leg going Grand Champion Sr in Decatur, TX

+*B CH Hoanbu Priceless Possession secured his third and final leg, going Grand Champion AOP Sr Buck and Best in Show and was awarded his Permanent Championship in Albuquerque NM


SF Ray Wylie won Reserve Grand Champion AOP Sr Buck in Albuquerque NM

SF Jackson T secured his first Unrestricted leg going Grand Champion AOP Sr Buck and Best in Show inAlbuquerque NM

SGCH CaprinoRoyale Freesia 1*M secured her final two Unrestricted legs going Grand Champion Sr Nubian doe in two rings in Albuquerque NM and earned her Permanent Championship

SF Last One to Show won back to back Reserve Champion Jr Doe placing in two rings in Albuquerque NM

SF Glass of Champagne secured her Restricted leg going Grand Champion Jr Nubian in Albuquerque NM

SG SilverFire Rainy Night 1*M was awarded her Superior Genetics with the summer evaluations.

*B CH Woest-Hoeve Sr Ace made his Texas show debut with a bang going Reserve Champion Sr Nubian Buck in one ring and 3x Grand Champion Sr Nubian Buck in the other 3, securing his 3 Unrestricted legs in one fell swoop and earning his Permanent Champion status in Weatherford TX

SF Last One to Show wrapped up the 2019 show season with yet another Reserve Champion Jr Nubian win in Hamilton TX.

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